Launching 10,000ft Insights, a Digital Space for Design Thinking

In a recent PwC innovation survey, seven out of 10 executives agreed that having a well-defined innovation process is key to building an innovation culture. But that is not easy, even for companies like Artefact, whose bread and butter is design and innovation.

10,000ft Insights is the synthesis of Artefact’s innovation and design expertise and 10,000ft’s ability to build and deliver tools for creative organizations.

Even we, the experts, find it challenging to organize our inspiration without inadvertently losing ideas. We believe that ideas get stronger when we incorporate input from other disciplines, yet we have not found a consistent way to integrate feedback into the design process. Finally, while we constantly evolve the frameworks and tools that help us make decisions, over time we lose the background that led us on a certain path. Until now.

Today, together with our sister company 10,000ft, we are unveiling 10,000ft Insights, a shared project space for creative teams and organizations. It enables easy collecting and sharing of ideas, facilitates timely and relevant feedback, and helps organizations retain knowledge in the ever-faster pursuit of innovation.

10,000ft Insights is already amping up our work at Artefact. Both internal innovation initiatives and client collaborations benefit from what we can now deliver even better — stronger collaboration between teams, clarity and transparency in the design process, and ultimately, decisions, directions and successes we can confidently stand behind. Try it.

Artefact is a responsible strategy + design firm. We help you harness the power of design to make change + do good.

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